howdy, started off with my allergy pill to settle my sinusus.  had a almond butter 2 slices bread sandwich with banana and a protein drink

make it to the VA in good condition..... so this will be 7 consecutive days with no nausea/vomiting....FANTASTICO

my PICC lines had to be unclogged with some type of liquid they squirted in and two hours later.... they were able to pump blood out of both tubes and flush both tubes as well as change the dressing.

THE PROBLEM TODAY WAS GAS..... the radiation nurses could not proceed as they said i was over inflated with gas....i didn't feel bloated or nothing.  nontheless, i had to go for a long walk to try and dislodge the gas and 4.5 miles later......STILL LOTS OF GAS.

since i still had to finish with the PICC cleaning/flushing i went back up and in talking to the guy next to me, i mentioned that i was bout to explode with gas and his wife reaches into her purse and comes out with a piece of chocolate--LAXATIVE! :):):)....30 minutes, i was gas free and got my radiation done for the day and came back home.

just had an organic pork bowl  from AMY'S.... interesting....would not buy it again

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Karen threw a punch at your cancer.
Laurie sent you a hug.
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Sounds like an interesting day. Glad you got through it okay!
Hi Richard --- yes, very interesting day. Amaze balls that a little piece of chocolate laxative works faster than a long walk. I might have to keep some around. Keep posting. I'm 'enjoying' your journey even though it's a sucky one to have.
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MURPHEY'S LAW that right next to me is a patient who is constipated and his wife has laxatives.....!!
Love the chocolate news...wow! Hang in there! Almost half way through!
I remember when I was young, if you had a stomach ache, my mom would pull the jar of suppositories out of the fridge and up the booty one went... short time later====THE PURGE
re the gas: I know you love all kinds of food and it's great that you have a good appetite, but you may want to consider a consult with a dietician or nutrition specialist to help to help you choose foods that don't cause gas(ie
beans, broccoli,brussel sprouts,etc) Intestinal gas distorts the radiation beam!! Protein is important.
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U R CORRECT and thats why I had to do a mini marathon trying to walk the gas away....but I had non of the aforementioned veggies. I did talk to a dietician and she basically said to not eat raw veggies and not too much whole grains.... later on that evening I had a reg. bowel movement and all was at peace!!!!
Ah yes, remember the old ditty - beans, beans, the musical fruit...the more you eat the more you toot. (Not that they are fruits, but needed for the rhyme!)
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Vital Info


July 10, 2018

Los Angeles, California 90005

February 6, 1951

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

squamous cell carcionoma

June 4, 2018

Stage 2

4.1 - 5.0 cm



Fluorouracil (5-FU)

the fears associated with it, the unknown, the WAIT FOR THIS TO START

always learning, that its all around us....its not till it hits you that you realize how common it is

stay positive with me. stay in the now.

not as of 6/04/2018


during treatment.....try your hardest not to give up on your treatment.....yea- it almost felt like it was killing me but here I am

believe in yourself and/or in your beliefs/god/etc

September 5


a week after having completed my PSA and urine tests(5/22/18), i noticed blood in the toilet and completed the F.I.T--fecal immunochemical test.... I forgot to mail it in and drove to the VA and had them give me another one, did it and that afternoon i returned it...two days later i received a call to schedule a colonoscopy for June 04, 2018. results came back positive for a ployp that was excised and also a 4-5cm malignant growth on the dentate line of the anus--right smack in/around my spinchter muscle. T3N0M0...prognosis seems to be really good as it has not traveled nor gone into nodes. scheduled to start chemo/radiation with 5-FU and mitomyacin first 4 days and last 4 days using a PICC line.



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