a week ago today i finished my chemo/radiation regime.  i have been healing sinc then and hears a small gather up of things, pains, and other happenings since then.

.... as some of you know i got mixed up with my days and SUNDAY morning i got up and waited for my workers to come and take the doggies out for a walk......turns out it was only sunday-----not monday

...... went and saw both of my doctors... they seemed pleased...i am scheduled for a catscan 45  days from this past monday and then another PET/MRI/??? another 45 days to compare and contrast and see that the piece of caca caner is gone gone gone!

......talking caca.....it has become my most dreaded chore, natural bodily function.......IT COMES OUT LIKE LAVA ROCKS---HARD WITH JAGGED EDGES AND IT TALKES LIKE 25 MINUTES FOR A MARBLE SIZED PIECE TO COME OUT::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( ... (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


---LAX/STOOL SOFTENER---works in 6-12 hours

next day it worked and in a rather dramatic and in what i imagined the pain would be giving birth to a small 500lb hippo.pushed and shoved and rocked and huffed and puffed and screamed into a towel for fear of alerting LAPD....thinking there was some mass killings going on..... needless to say---wont be using that again.

back to the drawing board and i came up with also reading thru some of your postings





walked my tortured booty to the local Ralphs and came home with the goods

today, i  have had about 4 toilet breaks and though they are still painful, i can see the light at the other end of a VERY SWOLLEN VIGINA LOOKING TUNNEL----remember i am "A GAY" so i am just guessing here what it looks like down there

i am preferring the DOMOROMO SITZ  to the sitz bath.... less complicated and thinks it works better.

FRANCISCO, my maintenance super....built me a cot sized box frame that i can put my CABELA's self inflating mattress pad.... this way i shove it up against my bed and am close to my babies and yet they cannot get into the bed with me...... allows me to strech out.

my front groinery wounds have a new layer of skin on them so now its only the backside and i can actually finger it while putting on ointment/etc and it does not cause too much pain.

yesterday, i worked for 2 hours and today i was in the office for like 5 hours and felt good

wishing everyone the best possible, less painless nite




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It sounds like your recovery is right on track. I felt markedly better at the 2-week post-treatment mark. I wish you continued healing!
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I recommend Miralax to help with your hippo births. Or try just taking a stool softener instead of a laxative. It will change your experience immensely.
Glad you are recover.
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Stool softener with 5 bottles of water daily, minimum! Prune juice have me terrible cramps, but prunes helped. I also ate lots of soft fruit. No nuts!
You can take 100 mg of Docusate Sodium stool softener up to 5 times a day if still on narcotic pain med, and I'm guessing you are. The trick is to KEEP the stool soft. This should do the trick. If you need laxative, senokot is a very mild one, but with ample stool softener and water you should be ok. Hugs to you!
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Yes, for a smoother flow stool softeners (not laxatives) help tremendously. I still take them on the daily and increasing your fiber intake to around 35 g daily. Soon you won't need to scream into that towel (I did that too!) Good for you for going back to work, doesn't it feel great to start back to some sort of your usual routine?
I love your Humor! Hang in there and give Doobie a big kiss for me! Love Ya, Val
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Yeah, sounds like you're on the mend and your description of lava rocks with jagged edges is spot on! You went back to work so soon...don't overwork and pamper yourself more. Glad to hear you haven't lost your humor!
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Do you mean Domeboro? Used those powders and they were helpful. Meantime, just plain stool softener, plus prunes or juice, should be all you need! Not too much!!!

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Yay, you're all done. Hang in there. It will get better.
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I’d recommend taking miralax like Michelle said and playing with the dosages. Also, I’ve discovered with my howlers, the less acidic food you eat the previous day, the less it’ll be lava-like. I hope your scans are all good and you feel better!
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Stool softeners!!! MiraLax is a great addition. Most other laxatives gave me bad cramps.

So glad you are done with treatment. Congrats!
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